Located nearby the city center, this family house has been completely transformed by lowering down the existing ground floor level to garden level in addition to a generous steel framed glass wall, warm oak wood interior details and a clean white plastered renovated back façade.
By critically re-thinking the floor plan together with our client, we gave a second life to this former labor house.  The narrow living room and the dark corridor are demolished and replaced with a open steel structure.  At the back of the house, by adding a large glass and steel wall is the interior merging into the garden making the whole ground floor becoming spacious and filled with natural light.
This renovation includes a living room, a dinning area and a kitchen.  Enclosed spaces are storage, WC and hall.  The living room and the dinning room are linked together by a sculptural stair made of massive oak wood.  A good climate in the house is made possible with a dry floor heating system.  Furniture such as bench/storage/closet are designed with the client and integrates perfectly the housing concept.

Design and realization:  2016-2017
Construction:  010Bouw


left: old      right: new