Transformation Adrianus monastry

Commission: Transformation of 2 monumental buildings, 1 new housing building and urban impact study of the area
Location: Raamsdonk
Surface: 1 hectare
Design: 2017-2018

In the old monastery of the Adrianusgebouw in Raamsdonk has been located since the ‘Sisters of Charity’ the Community Center of the village, established in the 70s. In a matter of facts, every Raamsdonker has a memory, still from the monastery or later during music lessons, harmony rehearsal, disco, Sinterklaas or carnaval.

A living room for Raamsdonk
The necessary maintenance is a reason to develop a plan with the Meeting Center, the municipality of Geertruidenberg, COUP-GROUP , Transformator huis and Iris de Kievith architect so that it can remain the living room of Raamsdonk.
Together with the participation of the different associations actif in the village, we developed a logical floor plan with respect to the patrimonial value of both monuments.

omc arial inrichting

A lively neighborhood
Beside of the programmatic reorganisation, we developed an integrated and sustainable urban vision proposing the regeneration of the village center transforming the existing parking area into a lively and safe environment connecting the futur village expansion with the Kerkstraat and its valuable monuments.
New houses are planned behind the Adrianus building.  This is an opportunity to transform the inner courtyard into a collective monastery garden and to reactivate the street profile that connects the existing public space to the new Raamsdonk.

street section


pict raamsdonk 02