Lianyungang golf course

Location: Lianyungang, China
Surface: 15 hectare
Client: Boundary Unlimited
Design: 2011 Realisation: 2011/2018

Landscape design for Western Garden Housing Estate Development in China. This condominium developement is located in between a prominent mountain on the north side and 18 holes golf course on the south side.This proposal consist of creating a composed natural and artificial landscape that will link the housing project into one common promenade experience. The main road borded by monumental Ginko trees is crossing the whole area from the eastern to the western parts. From this infrastructure, 4 iconic spaces are challenging the users by offering a spacial landscape experience. The fonction of these iconic spaces is both recreative and complentative. The grand stair is forming one of the iconic space in this masterplan. This is a monumental experience where the visitors can enjoy the view towards the golf course. On the back side of the stair is talking place a majestic waterfall with integrated plateau`s for trees. On both side of the stair are planted two rows of almond trees. The stepping stone are made of corten steel and river stone patterns. Benches are integrated to the edge of the stair with flower beds. The spring walk is composed of flower beds, wooden boardwalk and fruit trees. This landscape icone is created to unify the back and front mostely private gardens in one common space, giving more a sense of community to this condominium masterplan. This solution will activate the life on the street and improve the social aspect of the developpement.