HQ Office Zuidas Interior

Commission: Interior Design + Project management by Atelier Robidoux
Location: Zuidas Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Surface: 600 m2
Design: April 2017  Realization: June 2017
Construction: Intos
Photography: Cleo Mulder

Located in Amsterdam business district Zuidas, the first floor of a 1960 mixed programmed tower as been transformed to fit the specific need of an internationally growing IT company.

The panorama towards the beautiful Amstel Park and the urban plan surrounding the building were the starting points for defining the interior experience.  To celebrate the green panorama, we chose to free the space for circulation flow all along the façade.  By doing so, we create an interior strongly interacting with the outside that maximizes the surface use.

The program is composed of 2 large private meeting rooms, an office pantry, 36 fixed working places, 16 flexible working places and a large flexible area with a podium for office presentation/workshops.

A few minimal colored glass walls are placed, detached from ceiling and columns, adding movement to the different spaces.   The international ambition of the company is materialized in a wall/carpet mosaic represented by the flags of employees nationalities.  Minimal design and energy efficient LED light tube are hanging above the working spaces.