Gerard Scholtenstraat

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Fam. Scholtens
Surface: 300 m2
Design: 2010 Realisation: 2011/2013

Renovation and extension of two existing row houses (1895) transform into a family house, studio and atelier in Old North, Rotterdam.  This renovation project is being part of a wider urban renovation project.  In total 19 houses have been sold by the Municipality of Rotterdam to the formal inhabitants, under the condition to rebuild the foundation for all the houses.  Reparing the foundation, give back a great historical heritage to the city of Rotterdam.  On a smaller scale, the new foundation extended the family house and made possible to create an underground working space.  The house counts 7 rooms including an open and south oriented living/dining area looking through the wide garden.  This space gives the feeling of living in a farmhouse by its proportion, orientation and its relationship with the exterior space.