Dentist Clinic Interior

Commission: Interior Design
Location: Rhoon, The Netherlands
Surface: 40 m2
Design: February 2019

The dentist clinic is located in the old center of Rhoon.  We have been commissioned to re-design all the “public spaces” in the clinic: the reception and the waiting area.

Our strategy is to implement a green ribbon of grass that is connecting the different space together.  Fresh and light this minimal addition gives a warm welcome to the clients.  Printed glass panels and decorative wallpaper are covering the current surface and transport gently the guest through the clinic.  The balie is transformed by a white corian plate with an integrated LED strip at the bottom.  An additional washbasin is placed in the corridor behind the column.  A wooden lamellos separation is added for more privacy and integrates perfectly the green grass thema.  The new furniture proposed is white and green.

TP Verhoeven 02

TP Verhoeven 05TP Verhoeven 03TP Verhoeven 01